Monday, January 5, 2009

Empty Arms

My arms felt so empty that October day that Seth went to "play with Jesus" as Auntie B so aptly put it. I had never had the privelege of holding Seth, or even meeting him face to face. I hadn't had the pleasure of smelling his sweet baby innocence. I hadn't held ANY baby in nearly a year. But that day that Seth left this earthly home, my arms ached with the very real loss of such a sweet little baby boy. And yet I know that my feeling of loss is so minute compared to what his parents and siblings feel. I can only begin to imagine the emptiness in their arms. But in the short time that Seth was with his family, and extended family, he touched more lives than we will ever know. I will always remember Seth as the little guy who made a big mark on his world. As the days go by, ever so unexpectedly, my mind sparks with a little "twinkle" of memory of Seth, and I lift up a prayer that God will somehow lesson the pain of the empty arms of Seth's mommy and daddy. I just wait for that next "twinkle" so I can have another word with God about this. I like that He gives me lots of opportunities for that! We love you Seth....

Grandma P

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