Friday, January 9, 2009

Sunshine In Our Hearts

I was sitting here this morning on my "off" Friday, pondering the beautiful sunny day outside, and wondering how I am going to spend it. Of course, I already know that I have more chores on my list than I can possibly get done in one day. As I admired our sunny day, I recalled the news report I saw last night about the severe weather, snow, flooding in the Northwest -- and of course thought of K, and how I wished I could ship some of this beautiful weather up to her. I'm sure she could benefit greatly from a little bit of warmth and sunshine right now. Then I came here, and I saw that BEAUTIFUL little "sunshiney" face of Seth. What a GORGEOUS little boy! I thought to myself, "if THAT isn't a little piece of sunshine from God, I don't know what is!" And although we all know that it would be so much better for US if he were still here in his earthly home, I'm certain that God's little ray of sunshine is looking down on his family and wishing for them a day of happy hearts and smiles. Thank you Seth, for reminding us that God is in control, and He can give us sunshine in our hearts, even when the weather outside is cold and gloomy. -- Grandma P

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  1. We DID have sunshine today.. and unexpected glimpses of Seth.. indirectly of course. I"m posting about it at my home blog (expectant hearts).

    Thanks P!