Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sweet Seth

Since Seth's passing on October 12th I think of him so often. I'll be sitting with Kit or doing something with the children and Seth pops into my mind and I think of him and send up a little prayer and go on with my day. I think to myself I wish I could tell Kathryn how often I think of Seth, those small fleeting moments as you just go through your normal day to day life. So I thought of making this place. A little place where we can write a lot or just a line to say "I thought of Seth today" so that Kathryn and her entire family will know that he is NOT forgotten... he will always be remembered.

I never held Seth in my arms, but I miss him. I know that so many others miss him and think of him and ache over the loss of him sometimes. So here we have it. A place to remember Seth and talk about him and remark on the ways he touched our lives.

~ Patti D.

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  1. Seth is an absolute treasure to us all. He is our little one in heaven, advocating for us already! I think of him often, of his family at least once daily....We keep him in our prayers always.